Stockholm revisited for a few hours.

I had been to Stockholm in my early twenties with a friend Inter railing in the 1980’s. In those days you could buy a train ticket that would let you travel around Europe for one price. I can’t remember the exact amount of time, but it was about 4-5 weeks. Back then, we stayed in a apartment that was recommended to us by the Stockholm Tourist Information Office.


We were dropped off by the Disney courtesy bus just out outside the Stockholm Opera House. Opposite this was one of the bridges that led to Gamla Stan (Stockholm old town) the island is covered with narrow streets and alleys. With the usual gift shops and a small amount of interesting independent retailers. This type of shopping I like, ” did I just say that”!


We walked through the streets exploring every shop window and came across a interesting little design shop that displayed lots of interesting Nordic designer products. The shop was called Design Firman


The image below shows the travel team. (I’ve known Mr ‘T” for over thirty years, I know, I don’t look old enough. LOL!)


Needless to say, we all did some retail therapy that day. Nordic coats, sweaters and of course fidget spinners for the kids!

The day was another long day! Which is always hard to deal with while managing my condition. However, this holiday was our tenth wedding anniversary present to ourselves.

Our honeymoon in 2007 was a cruise around Iceland, Faroe Islands, Shetland & Orkney. It was June, so practically light all the time. It was good that we had blackout curtains. Our stateroom abroad the Arielle was tiny by comparison to our Disney stateroom.

The girls leading our charge back to the ship on the largest Data Horse.


Once back onboard, we went straight up on deck and started to watch our crew navigate out of the Stockholm Archipelago back into the Baltic. We passed by many small islands with Swedish summerhouses, maybe sometime in the future. A relaxing holiday, if there is such a thing! Who knows….


Finally, bedtime for me.



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