Lupus Men – Answer Useful Questions


Sometimes this whole experience is like starting a massive unplanned journey, that there is no end too!

Trying to find out more about this condition is sometimes hard to understand when there is such little information around on men of my age with this condition. (54yrs) I used to think that I could manage this condition myself, how wrong was I!

All of us need help, but maybe being MEN we just find it hard to ASK!

Interesting Resource of Mens Lupus Experiences

If you are a MAN with Lupus and are over the age of 50, I would like to learn about your experiences. Anything useful,  coping processes, exercises,  foods that help your condition, travel tips, how you manage work, really anything that could be useful in managing your daily life. I fully understand, that one size doesn’t fit all. However, sometimes sharing your personal experiences can be useful to others in staying well and learning how to manage your flare.

At the moment, I’m writing about my recent travel experiences in managing 18 hour days while travelling around Europe. If you would have said to me that I could have even been awake 18 hours a few months ago, I would have laughed in your face and said that I couldn’t, I’m really sick!




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