Tallinn – The Disney Magic


We landed in Tallinn and took a bus tour to see the sights. These included the old town, a few Russian orthodox churches, a few palaces and a art gallery. We spent most of the day  ashore. This was going to be my first long day, with walking and no opportunities for resting. That morning, I was full of fear, what if I was unwell while ashore! What if! Panic set in, just thinking about the walking involved in sightseeing. However, it was very tiring the day. But I managed to get through it. Don’t ask me how, I just dug deep, I guess. On returning to the ship, I was tired, but I had pushed myself further then ever before since getting my diagnosis. The possibilities of further travel started to enter my head, like never before.

fullsizeoutput_3e9The Kumu  Art Museum of Estonia   was a very interesting place. The museum contained both Estonian and Russian artists work. The BUST Room was like nothing I had ever seen before with the method of displaying all of the works. This museum would be worth a further visit, If I ever get the chance in the future. The architecture of the building was amazing, and it was designed by a Finnish architect, that won some architectural awards for the buildings concept once finished.


Next stop, St Peterburgh – Russia


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