Disney Holiday – Northern Europe

Disney MagicIMG_0178Our annual holiday this year was abroad the wonderful Disney Magic. As usual when your married, your partner has this super human ability to persuade you into all sorts of different things. Sometimes, I think my wife forgets that I have a health condition. However, she pushes me to always do more. At times this can feel uncomfortable, but I enjoy her confidence in me, but not completely limiting what I do now since being diagnosed.

The holiday involved a cruise from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Tallinn (Estonia) followed by visiting St Petersburgh (Russia), Helsinki (Finland) Stockholm (Sweden) and finally we returned to Copenhagen. Initially, we flew by SAS from Birmingham International Airport to Copenhagen. We decided to travel to Copenhagen on the Friday and meet the ship on the Sunday afternoon at the docks. We had previously stayed in the Tivoli Congress Hotel when we had travelled there before. This hotel offers a really good breakfast and indoor basement swimming pool. Which having a young daughter who loves swimming, so this hotel is ideal. (Most hotels in the city don’t have indoor pools.) So you pay a little more in the room price, and the rooms are clean and functional, but small. The room offer a good bathroom. We arrived at around 11.00pm, so we checked in and had a soft drink in the bar. Needless to say I was tired, with the activities of collecting cases and travel bags. The hotel reception was very lively, however, no one offered to help with our luggage. So we struggled with them, but we managed.

The following day after a great Danish breakfast, which set us up for the day. We took a taxi to the Danish Architectural Centre and had a lovely coffee with a great view over the river. (best view in the city, so the guide book said.) This followed by a walk along the river front passing Noma, and we popped into a art exhibition which was featuring a showing of dirty nappies! Was this Danish art!

Nappy Art Exhibition

IMG_0158fullsizeoutput_40cA Cod Skin –  Lampshade

IMG_0162Noma is no more – it’s moved.


This area of Copenhagen is lively day or night. There is a famous ice cream shop which we always go to which is called Vaffelbageren. I can totally recommend any of the flavours, but my favourites are Rum & Raisin and Banana & Honeycombe.

After walking around the Storget  the main shopping streets for a few hours, we stopped a few times for soft drinks. But we discussed where we wanted to go for diner, and decided to have a early dinner at 6.00pm.

By now I was starting to feel tired, with the travel the day before and all day walking around the city. I’ve always loved walking around cities and enjoyed discovering how others cultures live. People are same the world over, but I believe every culture can offer something to us. By understanding how people live, it gives us lessons in how to get along with other people. The Danish people are consistently listed as the happiest people on the planet. Once you start studying how this could be, you realise that the simple things make you happy. I’m just starting to understand this, during my week in hospital earlier in the year with my kidney operation, I read the book The Year of Living Danishly.

Once I got back to the hotel room, I felt really tired! I had pushed myself again, maybe too much. My mind started to think that I wouldn’t be able to cope with the week ahead!

Find out what happened next with my next post.

Please let me know about your travel tips for improving your travelling experiences while managing your Lupus or Vasculitis.



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