While I’ve been away – I’ve changed my diet

It’s been a while since my last post. Sorry, about that. I had a flare up just before Christmas, which just lasted and lasted.

Recently, things have improved, which is GREAT. (cartwheels)

I didn’t want to talk about my condition too much, but use this blog as a positive tool in getting my thoughts down. Also by offering this stuff up to the wider world (WWW)who it might help to see what’s working and what’s not me. I know each case is different, but sometimes you might just find hidden nugget of information that might help you with your condition. There is loads of data out there, but making sense of it all is practically overwhelming at times.

At Christmas  my sister presented me with a book called the Autoimmune CookBook. It’s more of a guide for do’s and don’t! That’s what I like about it. Nice pictures, however, over Christmas  we were in full swing of out Christmas food treats. I’m a creature of annual food treats at Christmas. Since the beginning of January , I’ve been reading and re-reading the book cover to cover. Every January, I normally try and eat  less meat. I think a lot of people do the same. However, this time I decided to completely rethink my complete diet. Instead of being a meat reducer, I decided to try a vegetarian or maybe even a vegan diet!

Was I crazy! OK, maybe! I also added several netflixs documentaries into mix. I fully understand that you can make any evidence fit any argument. Jaded, I know! But always open to learn new things.

Anyway, since changing my diet, my blood work has improved 30 points, with my Kidney Specialist being impressed by improving my blood work since October.

I was always brought up to eat everything good for you. (fresh fruit & vegetables with little meat.) Mostly whole foods and very little processed packet food, if any. My parents were always telling me about maintaining a health immune system, which seems ironic now. I now believe that my health can improve by changing my diet. Time will tell, and my next post will be around the foods I’ve dropped and what I’ve added.

I welcome any comments or recommendations regarding foods to drop and foods to include.

Please feel free to share with anybody who might benefit.Thanks



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