Kidney Op

Protein continues to be present in my water / urine! At present I’m not exhibiting any other symptoms. However, on seeing the specialist yesterday they advised me that they would need to do a kidney biopsy.  On hearing this, I decided to look further what the procedure involved. The specialist was very clear with me explaining that they needed to find out what’s happening. Is it the Lupus causing this or is it my blood pressure medication! My blood pressure was high also yesterday, my GP (Doctor) has recently increased my blood pressure medication. However, on reading my blood pressure medication leaflet it explains that this can increase protein in the urine. Circles within circles. So operations to look forward to within the coming months. So I’m just waiting now for the date. However, my second Carpel Tunnel (Left-Hand) is planned for August. It just appears to be a waiting game.


On a good note, my daughter finishes for the Summer next Friday. So I’m starting to plan our days. Crafting days and days at the beach hut.

She is eight and planning sewing sessions, I blame the British Sewing Bee!


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