T’ai Chi

How it started – T’ai Chi

I’m going way back now, back to the 1980’s…….its along time ago, I know!

I worked with a musician at the time, we both worked in the same wholesale company in London. One day, he mentioned to me that there was a local T’ai Chi group at Charlton House, a community venue in Greenwich. I didn’t know what it was! He explained, that it was a martial art form. As a child I had regularly attendance a local Judo Club. This sounded interested and I didn’t know what to expect. It wasn’t like it is today, where you can check out anything on your phone or computer on YouTube. And know what your getting yourself into.

Recently, since my health has become different……I decided to find a T’ai Chi class, living in rural Lincolnshire. This wasn’t easy to find. However, I managed to find a tutor and class on a Wednesday morning in Bingham, Nottingham. A few weeks ago, I returned to T’ai Chi after a thirty years break!!!!! It’s funny, I still remembered some of the moves. Like “brush knee”……The class is a mixed class, and I think I’m the youngest in the class. Which is funny really, after being involved with showing dogs over the years…..I was always know as that “BOY!” It still makes me laugh.

The surprising thing is that my energy levels have greatly improved, through this light exercise. There are many forms of T’ai Chi, and my tutor is patient while working / refining our technique. I’m along way from being called “Master” laugh out loud! However, it’s good to restart something again after such a long break. Some would say that I’ve got plenty of confidence…….but they would be wrong! While being ill, I had forgotten  how great I feel when doing new things and exploring things from my past.

I would totally recommend restarting or starting something new this week. “Plan it, and Do it.”


Last year, we as a family went up to Burghley House as we normally do, to walk the gardens  and have a picnic. This particular day, there was an area roped off where you could try archery. My wife was keen to try and my daughter too. I was playing the normal grumpy old man……..They both liked it, and both failed to hit the target…..My Wife said “you try” so I gave it a go…….and all three arrows were in the bullseye ring……I remained super cool(first time ever!!)……they both were amazed. I then explained that I had been relatively quite good at school………forty years ago!!!

Maybe skills do remain with you forever.



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